Take Me To Your Heart

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Lying quietly in bed Melody flows slowly In fact,

安静的躺在床上 旋律缓缓流淌


my love is very simple Alone A cup of tea An old song

其实我的爱很简单 一个人 一杯清茶 一首老歌


Under the covers Remember desperately

藏在被窝里 拼命回忆


But how can I forget the way I used to be



Within reach But I can'thold on the shoulders of time

努力伸手 却拥抱不住时光的肩膀


How can I be strong



Please Give me your hand Bring me confidence

请 给我你的手 给我信心


Let me always remember You Take me to your heart

让我时刻想起 是你 把我放在心上



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