I’m still here waiting

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I’m still here waiting



You asked me to wait for you, after graduation you would marry me. No matter how long I can be waiting, but you lost yourself, I am still here waiting.



I sing the song we sang together and wait for you where we met for the first time, but you forget you have been there. You were kind and humorous that made me happy and laugh.我唱着我们一起唱过的歌在老地方等你,你却忘记了曾来过这里。 你是如此的善良和幽默,深深的打动了我,使我开心和大笑。


You're the prettiest landscape in my life. As long as you're there, anywhere is my paradise…



You are my world and everything, but I’m nothing for you and already forget someone like me. I am still who I am, but you’re not who you were.




You’ve said that never leave me till the end of the world. But I am still here, where are you?



I am waiting that you would hold my hands and go all over the world to watch the sunrise and sunset. But you are holding someone else’s hands. You know how much I care, I am still wating for you stupidly.



I hope one day you will come back to say:Sorry, baby, I am lost that’s why I am late. I would say: Don’t worry, baby. No matter how far you go, I am always there for you. Then I would hold your hands and never let you go. However, you’re lost as usual. I am still here wating.

我希望有一天你会回来对我说:宝贝,对不起,我迷路了,所以来晚了。 我会说,宝贝,没关系。不管你走多远,我会一直在老地方等着你。然后我会牵着你的手永远不松手。然而,你依然迷着路,我却在这里等着你。


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