warm wind(暖风)

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Like the gentle wind when the sunny weather always hope

(像晴朗天气时的温柔的风 总是满怀期待)


The children meet with the future full of youthful spirit of the future with a confident smile

(朝气蓬勃的孩子 带着自信的微笑 迎接着未来的未来)


When the sun is just rising shade leaves suffused with a bit of light

(当太阳刚升起的时候 遮荫的树叶泛着点点的光)


Called the ocean shore line rolled up waves

(名为海洋的岸边线上 卷起了浪花)


The fragile sand castle built do not know what to make it strong?

(用沙子筑成的易碎城堡 不知道用什么才能让它坚固)


The heart of the dream slowly clear

(心里的梦想 慢慢开始清晰)


Hidden in the cocoon butterfly total needed to break up on the outside of the yoke

(藏着茧中的蝴蝶 总需要打碎在外面的枷锁)


Cut down your prison break free

(剪破束缚 挣脱禁锢自己的囚笼)


My faith will be reborn

(我的信仰 将获得新生)


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