The Naughty Boy

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There was a naughty boy,有一个顽皮的孩子

And a naughty boy was he,顽皮的孩子就是他

He ran away to Scotland 他离家到苏格兰去

The people for to see--去看那边的人们

Then he found 然后他发现

That the ground 那边的地面

Was as hard,一样的坚硬

That a yard 那边的尺码

Was as long,一样的长

That a song 那里的歌声

Was as merry,一样的美妙

That a cherry 那里的樱桃

Was as red,一样的鲜红

That lead 那里的铅

Was as weighty,一样的沉重

That fourscore 那里的八十

Was as eighty,同样也是八十

That a door 那里的门

Was as wooden

As in England--和英格兰一样,也是木制的

So he stood in his shoes 因此,他着鞋而立

And he wonder'd;大感惊奇

He stood in his shoes 他着鞋而立

And he wonder'd.大感惊奇


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