When we two parted

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When we two parted,昔日依依别,

In silence and tears, 泪流默默无言;

Half broken-hearted, 离恨肝肠断,

To serve for years, 此别又几年。

Pale grew thy cheek and cold, 冷颊向愕然,

Colder thy kiss, 一吻寒更添;

Truly that hour foretold, 日后伤心事,

Sorrow to this! 此刻已预言。

The dew of the morning, 朝起寒露重,

Suck chill or my brow, 凛冽凝眉间。

It felt like the warning: 彼时已预告:

Of what I feel now. 悲伤在今天。

Thy cows are all broken,山盟今安在?

And light is thy fame;汝名何轻贱!

I hear thy name spoken,吾闻汝名传,

And share in its shame. 羞愧在人前。

They name thee before me,闻汝名声恶,

A knell to mine ear;犹如听丧钟。

A shudder comes oer me, 不禁心怵惕。

Why wert thou so dear? 往昔情太浓。

Thy know not I knew thee 谁知旧日情,

who knew thee too well: 斯人知太深。

Long,Long shall I rue thee, 绵绵长怀恨,

Too deeply to tell. 尽在不言中。

In secret we met, 昔日喜幽会,

In silence I grieve, 今朝恨无声。

That thy heart could forget,旧情汝已忘,

Thy spirit deceive. 痴心遇薄幸。

If I should meet thee, 多年惜别后,

After long years, 抑或再相逢,

How should I greet thee ? 相逢何所语?

With silence and tears. 泪流默无声。


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