Happy Birthday,生日祝福的英文诗歌

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For all you mean to me each day,

For all the happiness you bring my way,

For the love we share and the memories, too,

I'm hoping your birthday is happy for you.



Wishing you ——

glad days filled with friendliness,

bright days filled with cheer,

warm days filled with happiness.

to last throughout the year!

Have a wonderful brithday!



A little birthday wish just to let know how much I care about you.

May you seek all the best that the world has to give.

May you never stop learning for as long as you live.



My greetings come with affection.

for the nicest kind of birthday that could be wished for you.

When this day comes to an end and you lie down to rest,

may the peace of a golden dream be filled with happiness.



Have a great day,

for today is your birthday and a wonderful event.

Wish you happiness unfolding like the petal of a rose.



Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

You make this world a nicer place just by being so kindhearted.

May this day that is all your own hold happiness.

for you and the years to come be filled with.

all the best things, too.



May your birthday bring lots of joy in the year you have begun.

Accept my wishes for many happy returns on your birthday.



In this day of your birthday,

happy note,

as a gift to you,

you would like to have 365 beautiful days,

heartfelt best wishes to you

Happy Birthday!



Sweet Honey,

you laugh sweet honey,

why do you laugh so sweet?

I sent best wishes to you,

happy birthday!




Happy happy birthday chum.There'll be many many more to come!

Good luck chum and mountains of happiness and good cheer on this auspicious day,Your Birthday!

May this your tweentieth birthday be another milestone in a long happy life!

May your life be even brighter as each birthday comes and goes,with new happiness unfloding like the petal of a rose .Have a wonderful birthday!

It's good to have one day a year which just belongs to you ,so take this chance to enjoy yourself in everything you do.

Happybirthday ,friend of mine .On this your apecial day ,may gladness fill your every hour with joy to light your may.

May good and kind and loving things be some of the joys your birthday brings.

Among the friends we make in life, there are only one or two who can be called “ a special friend”and that's how think of you and why hope your birthday is the happiest of days!


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